Grainair Tubes

Powerless Aeration!

Meet the innovative, environmentally friendly ventilation system that is revolutionizing the agricultural industry.

This natural grain cooling and drying system was designed for farmers by a farmer, by someone who understands the challenges in the farming industry and the desire to succeed.

Despite all the technological advances in forced-air grain drying, farmers are still in need a of a simple method of cooling and drying grain, regardless of weather conditions!

Imagine reducing the risk of grain spoilage by using air-convection to cool & dry all varieties of grain!

Imagine a product that helps reduce sprouting and rust beetles in stored grain!

Imagine a product that helps protect your crop grade so that you reach your highest quality and price!

Don't imagine.. Join the many farmers now reaping the benefits of GrainAir Tubes.

Advantec was established in 1998