AGI Grain Vacs

Advantec: One of the largest Grain Vacuum suppliers in Australia

As a reliable agricultural machinery supplier in Australia, Advantec provides a wide range of grain vacuum systems across Australia. All the grain vacs imported and supplied by Advantec for sale, incorporate high-speed bearings, high capacity, and longevity with easily accessible, low-maintenance requirements.

With more than three decades of agricultural industry experience - all the grain vacs operations are inspected, tested, and safety approved by professionals. With the best selection of grain vacuums like AGI GrainVac, formerly known as REM GrainVAC system in the market, Advantec guarantees minimal yet efficient drive systems, less downtime, and safe access for servicing.

  • Grain Vacs

    AGI GrainVAC VRX

    With 90hp requirement, chrome augers, and 100% Air Throttle Control, AGI GrainVAC VRX takes grain vac technology to the next level. This grain vacuum also offers 25% longer fan life and many customising options.

  • Grain Vacs

    AGI GrainVAC VR12

    The AGI GrainVac comes with 130hp requirement and 100% air throttle control. With dual fan design and 25% longer fan life, GrainVAC VR12 is recognised to be one of the sturdiest and most durable grain vacuuming choices there are.