AGI GrainVAC VRX (Formally known as REM GrainVacs)

Graeme and Carole Morey run a dry land mixed farming operation in Southern NSW. Graeme sows 1000Ha annually consisting of wheat, canola and barley. Graeme first purchased a used Grain Vac in 2009 to assist in cleaning out the grain shed and flat bottom silos more efficiently by himself. Graeme has found that the Grain Vac has decreased the time it takes to load a semi and creates a much cleaner grain sample by removing grain dust, weevil dust and dead weevils.

  • Out of the Box Performance
  • Chrome Augers
  • 90hp Requirement
  • Easy maintenance
  • 100% Air Throttle Control

Graeme was quick to find out that the machine is not only useful for silos but unloading grain bags as well making it extremely more versatile. The machine has helped a lot when unloading bags with the wet grain on the bottom and was quickly sought after by neighbours and surrounding farmers. Graeme has since brought a new grain vac which continues to enhance his grain operation.

  • 25% Longer Fan Life
  • 5 Minute Bottom Auger Change
  • Diesel Model Available
  • Larger Models Available
  • Customising Options & Accessories Available