Grain Handling Equipment That Is Efficient and Cost-Effective

In order to market the grains efficiently and skip all possible common grain handling hazards, navigating a proper grain handling system is vital throughout the storing, processing and shipment of bulk raw grains.

Each year, with the arrival of harvest and storage season, tonness of grain-related incidents and challenges are reported due to the lack of proper use or material handling equipment. Hence you need a diverse range of equipment to maintain appropriate safety practices and mitigate hazard possibilities.

Cost-effective grain handling equipment to boost productivity

With the right grain handling equipment, you can improve your grain handling operations. Nowadays, many companies specialise in developing equipment to make grain handling easier for farmers and commercial applications. AGI Westfield is one such leading company committed to customer satisfaction, and farmer solution is popular for manufacturing the most valuable and dependable grain augers. Since 1951, AGI Westfield has earned a reputation for providing the agricultural community with durable and cost-effective grain handling applications.

Some of the most effective built to out-perform Westfield equipment suited to grain handling include:

• Westfield U-Trough Augers UTX

• Westfield Swingaway Augers

• Westfield Belt Conveyor

• Westfield Conventional Augers

Westfield U-Trough Augers UTX

The Westfield UTX U-Through Auger is one among many high performance and high capacity AGI Westfield Augers that make the job of handling grains much easier and faster. It can save you both time and money as, comparatively, the auger is fast-up to 4 tonnes per minute. In addition, the UTX feature enhances resilience and longevity as it comes with standard triple banded belts, a self-revelling motor, a self-propelled mover kit and more.

Some major features and functions

• Reversing gearbox: This model includes a reversible gearbox that allows the operator to change the auger at all angles.

• Banded belts: These help to maintain consistent speed with less slippage.

• Collapsing spring-loaded hopper extension: The hopper extension lets you fit under the lowest and hardest to reach bins easily.

• Gas motor: The gas motor comes with a large 44-litre gas tank that provides service for longer.

• Triple groove electric clutch: The clutch lets one start and stop the auger without shutting down the engine.

Westfield Swingaway Augers

The X series of Westfield Swingaway Augers is the latest addition available in 10, 13 and 16 tube diameters. These X10, X13 and X16 offer unmatched serviceability and can achieve up to 140, 300 and 600 tonnes per hour accordingly which could save you lots of money. Also, the X series is considered durable, efficient and convenient because the augers are built with some best features, components and materials.

Some major features and functions

• Wear Edge Flighting: The Wear Edge Flighting is added at critical wear points of flighting edges to add an extra layer of steel for longevity.

• Right angle drive: This right angle drive lets the auger be positioned at a 90-degree angle from the truck when working in small places.

• Hopper options: From hydraulic or remote power swing to GULP2 drive over hopper, all are available depending on the model.

• Transport light and working light kits: These maximise the visibility during transportation and enhance the lighting condition during the discharge process accordingly.

• Speed reducer-reverser: 1,000 RPM tractors are required to reduce the speed to 540 RPM required for an auger. The reversing feature also allows the flight direction to be reversed quickly.

Westfield Belt Conveyor

The AGI Westfield Belt Conveyor is built tough to perform, and it preferred as one trusted choice when it comes to moving valuable seeds or commodities. All AGI Westfield Conveyors are designed for practicality, speed, and ease of use and come with various series and designs to suit any of your requirements. From WCX3 to WCX3 Field Loader, Low Profile Transfer to Pitstop, multiple series are available to handle any farm commodities.

Some major features and functions

• Low maintenance: Heavy-duty features like the quality rubber belting can ensure long time performance, rate up to 3000 hours. And spending less on maintenance can save you money.

• Low horsepower: The unique designs of AGL Westfield Conveyors require half of the horsepower of screw augers, which saves energy and money.

• Pinch S-Drive: AGI Westfield’s unique Pinch S-Drive, available on almost all series, can eliminate slippage and make it easier to set and maintain belt traction.

• High capacity: All AGI Westfield Conveyors ensure high capacity performance as they are designed and built for high power.

• Pinch top drive: This affordable option has a pinch roller system at the top end and ensures positive belt traction.

Westfield Conventional Augers

AGI Westfield Conventional Grain Augurs are designed to withstand all the farming demands and provide labour saving performance. The STX2 delivers the best service to move the grains as fast as possible. The STX2 self-levelling motor can maintain proper tension at all heights. The features are durable, convenient, easy to use and require low maintenance, which is cost-effective and improves efficiency.

Some major features and functions

• Self-propelled heavy-duty mover: The mover kit features can handle any challenging terrain and yards. It allows for a much sharper turning radius for quicker and easier repositioning.

• Reversing gearbox: This feature allows the augers to be reversed at all angles.

• Steel hydraulic lines: This creates a clear look and minimises the leakage risk.

• Steel intake hopper: The hopper is self-developing and comes complete with a tow hitch.

AGI Westfield Augurs and Conveyors are built tough, easy to use, and have a high power capacity to do the grain handling job as effortlessly as possible. And this is what made it the best-trusted contributor of grain augers and conveyors worldwide.

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