A Quieter Ride: CLEANFIX VP

In addition to the reversing function of the CLEANFIX SC fan series for cooling and cleaning, this fan series offers variable blade pitch control. This change in blade angle corresponds to the cooling requirements of the machine. All this is achieved by the CLEANFIX fan itself, without intervention from the engine electronics.

The CLEANFIX VP series offers the further benefits of a quieter vehicle operation, increased fuel savings, and reduced fan horse power consumption of up to 60%.

How it works:

During initial operation (when the engine is cool), the blade pitch is at its lowest angle resulting in an economical (ECO) cooling mode. As the temperature begins to rise, the thermal actuators expand to move the blades to a steeper position creating higher airflow performance. At high temperatures, the blade angle increases to its maximum pitch (POWER). Then as the engine and hydraulics cool, the thermal elements contract and the blades return to the most economical position.

The CLEANFIX VP has Three Adjustment Systems:

1. A pneumatic system (compressor) for the fan changing from cooling to cleaning of the radiator and coolers.


2. Wax elements for the thermal blade angle adjustment according to the respective cooling needs.


3. Elastomers in the thermal actuators regulate the blade pitch based on the speed of the fan. As the speed increase, blade pitch is reduced to ensure the most economical fan operation at any fan RPM.


The Variable Pitch Control is Completely Reliable.

CLEANFIX uses thermal actuators for the adjustment of fan blade angles. These wax driven devices have proven reliability.

In a defined temperature range, the wax expands and moves a small piston, which adjusts the angle of the blades from a low to a steep angle. Since all the blades are connected to a common piston, the synchronization of their movement is ensured. This gives our system the highest possible level of reliability.

Model Number Hub Diameter No. of Blades Variable Pitch Minimum Fan Diameter Maximum Fan Diameter
162/8 6.3" 8 Yes 13.8" 29.7"
200/9 7.8" 9 Yes 15.4" 32.2"
220/9 8.7" 9 Yes 19.6" 45.7"
222/9 8.7" 9 Yes 19.6" 45.7"
225/9 8.7" 9 Yes 19.6" 45.7"
250/12 9.8" 12 Yes 23.6" 46.8"
300/12 11.8" 12 Yes 25.5" 48.8"