Grain Storage

Grain Storage Solutions that Protect Your Harvest

Advantec offers a range of grain storage solutions for farmers who manage and store their grain themselves. Our products are designed to protect your product from the elements and stand up to the wear and tear of the Australian environment.

Our storage range includes storage rings, sheds and tubes as well as our specially designed, completely sealable Grain Guardian storage system which has been made with the option of out-loading aeration system integration.

Advantec storage systems are made from strong and durable materials ensuring your crop is contained in a structure that is both sturdy and safe, and are suitable for storing your wheat, barley, canola, oats, rice and other grains.

Grain Guardian

The Advantec Grain Guardian is a popular sealable grain storage system that includes extras such as aeration and out-loading options. Available in 400T, 600T and 930T sizes, it features external strengthening hoops to maximise rigidity and strength and easy access ladders and large out-loading access.

VRX GrainVac

Grain Storage Rings

Advantec Grain Storage Rings are an easy, temporary solution to your grain storage needs. These rings feature galvanized panels that provide strength and rigidity to the structure to ensure your grain is securely stored at its optimum – without the need for special equipment to fill.

Grain Rings

Curvet Sheds

A great solution for your equipment, grain and produce storage needs, our curvet sheds have an ISO standard, are 100% steel structure and offer a choice of different spans from 40’ to 110’. These structures provide crop storage solutions and feature a wide range of value adding accessories.

Kit Silos

Grainair Tubes

Grainair tubes are a new and innovative product aimed to compete with powered devices that provide solutions to aeration and temperature regulation within a grain storage structure. Grainair Tubes can help reduce your energy bills whilst helping to protect your income.

Kit Silos