Dust Eradication

The Growing concern of airborne dust in towns and operating environments has generated a real need for control. Due to restrictions placed upon grain handling organizations in regards to dust being generated during Grain Handling practices, we have developed a system that eradicates dust from the working environment and therefore also the surrounding areas.

This system was designed, researched, manufactured and developed in Wodonga Victoria. The product testing was an 18-month process that took place in grain handling environments across 3 states including Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales.

We have achieved total success, measured by the fact that both towns exposed to dusty environments and operators working in these conditions can now enjoy a dust-free environment. This innovation has also afforded the industry some much-needed efficiency.

This system comprises of the Mobile Dust Collector utilizing either our 2700 PTO or Diesel or 3700 PTO or Diesel models along with any one of our Grain Storage Options. i.e. Grain Guardian, Grain Rings or Curvet Sheds.