With its convincing advantages such as fuel savings of approximately 6%, the patented CLEANFIX SC system is the most effective reversing fan system in the world. It is revolutionizing the agricultural machinery and commercial vehicle industry.

With the Standard Control (SC) reversible fan, the blades are reversed by compressed air using a pneumatic piston. The blades return to normal operation by spring force. If desired, the cleaning procedure can be automated using an electronic timer.

The CLEANFIX SC is already being installed at the factory by many reputable manufacturers. In addition, CLEANFIX fans may be mounted aftermarket using our installation kits custom designed for each application. Additionally, we are ready to help solve your specific cooling needs. If your machine’s cooling system is a problem, no worries… We will CLEANFIX it!

CLEANFIX fans require a compressed air supply to operate the reversing function. If needed, CLEANFIX will provide a heavy-duty compressor unit specifically designed for this application.

The benefits of the CLEANFIX SC fans can be further enhanced by the addition of:
  • Variable pitch control in the cooling mode
  • Eliminating air turbulence at the blade tips
  • Full engine electronics integration
Model Number Hub Diameter No. of Blades Variable Pitch Ready Minimum Fan Diameter Maximum Fan Diameter
162/8 6.3" 8 Yes 13.8" 29.7"
200/9 7.8" 9 Yes 15.4" 32.2"
220/9 8.7" 9 Yes 19.6" 45.7"
222/9 8.7" 9 Yes 19.6" 45.7"
225/9 8.7" 9 Yes 19.6" 45.7"
250/12 9.8" 12 Yes 23.6" 46.8"
300/12 11.8" 12 Yes 25.5" 48.8"