CLEANFIX offers a variety of both standard and customized control solutions to meet each customer’s specific needs. The reversing function of the CLEANFIX fan is pneumatically driven and controlled electronically. The interval between cleaning cycles can be adjusted according to customer preferences.

Standard Control Systems:

The E-BOX is our most frequently supplied control system. It contains a heavy-duty air compressor and adjustable timer unit. The E-BOX components are contained inside of a ruggedized, dust and water resistant enclosure. It is also equipped with a self-cleaning air filter to ensure continuous performance in the dustiest environments.

The CLEANFIX Valve-Box is ideal for vehicles already equipped with compressed air systems. Like the E-BOX this unit is equipped with an automatic timer that initiates a cleaning cycle once every 6 to 66 minutes. The Valve-Box does not require a compressor and is contained in a lower profile box.

All CLEANFIX controls are available for 12V and 24V vehicles. They also include a manual push-button that may be mounted in the cab to initiate a cleaning cycle at the operator’s convenience.

Custom Control Systems:

CLEANFIX provides a variety of customized controls for OEMs. These solutions include vehicle ECU integration and specialized mounting fixtures to accommodate space restrictions.