Why should you use CLEANFIX Fans?

If we consider today’s agricultural situation, agricultural machines are one of the biggest machinery investment one need to make. And radiator is one major vital component in the agricultural engine. Because when the engines of the machines create a lot of heat in their operations, it is the radiator that prevents the engines from overheating and maintains a safe temperature while in process. Hence to prolong the life of the radiator as well as save the equipment, one needs to ensure proper levels of coolant and the right radiator cleaning solution to prevent all possible damage or clogging.

Why is reversing fan technology used for radiator cleaning?

Often machines like tractors, bulldozers, excavators use multiple radiators, which requires regular cooling and cleaning inspection. When repairs and replacement are costly, regular maintenance of the radiator can be considered a convenient radiator cleaning solution. Otherwise, a malfunctioning radiator can block up, causing engines to overheat, which may distort the engine components.

Here reversing fan technology comes with the solution which ensures regular radiator maintenance. In one way, it can keep the radiator clean automatically, and in another way, it can fulfil your machine’s cooling demand while saving fuel and horsepower. So the idea of the reverse fan is to quickly blow out all the fine dust that gets stuck on the radiator and allow better flow for more efficient cooling of your engine at one time.

Cleanfix fans: A trusted name of the dynamic reversible fans

Market-leading manufacturers have endorsed Cleanfix fans for their revisable quality that ensures efficient cooling and effective cleaning. The multi-patented reversing fans are suitable for any commercial vehicle that operate in dirty conditions as they automatically keep the radiators clean whilst the machine keeps working and contribute to optimal cooling. In addition, these fans provide a high pressure, high cleaning power reverse airflow and maximise the reliability, productivity and fuel efficiency of the machine.

Before we jump on the variety of solutions, let’s discover some of the key benefits of using these durable fans in prior.

Benefits Cleanfix fans offer

The fans provide dynamic benefits to the users. It is valued chiefly for contributing to optimal cooling and automatic radiator cleaning. Here are some of the mentionable advantages it offers. 

Minimise fuel expanding

            The smart fans reverse the airflow to powerfully clean out radiators consuming less fuel. It uses a thermos-mechanical servo on each blade that puts the pitch at the proper angle to preserve fuel. Also, the blades of the fans can automatically adjust to the engine’s load state, which in turn maximise the fuel-saving effect.

            Boosts productivity

              With the reversible fan installation, productivity increases. Regular cleaning leads to fewer engine and hydraulic overheating issues and fewer breakdowns, keeping your machines working harder for longer. Since no interruption happens, it creates a comfortable and relaxed work environment being suitable for any harsh working conditions.

              No closedown for manual radiator cleaning

                The requirement for manual cleaning is totally eliminated when using this product because the coolers are automatically cleaned while the machine is working. And this decreases the chance of pausing work due to blocked radiators. Thankfully, this keeps you safe from health concerns related to manual cleaning.

                Powerful cleaning and cooling

                  The reversible fans come with revolutionary engine-cooling systems and an efficient radiator cleaning solution. It performs by keeping the blade position aligned with the airflow to produce maximum airflow and air pressure. The blades rotate through the cross position way in both cleaning and cooling moods where the leading edge of the fan cuts the air when the trailing edge of the fan accelerates the air.

                  Escalate power output

                    When a dirty radiator can easily use extra horsepower for the same cooling capacity, a clean radiator can maximise the overall efficiency of the operation, consuming less power. Here the automation in the cleaning process of these reversible fans make it incredibly efficient, and less power consumption results in more power output.

                    Cleanfix brings a variety of solutions

                    The best thing is, the brand comes with a variety of products to meet your specific needs. It provides powerful reversible fans that can be used in various applications, from agricultural machines to construction machines.

                    SC- Standard Control

                      With this reversible fan, the blades are reversed by compressed air using pneumatic or hydraulic actuation. Often used in the agricultural industry and commercial vehicle machinery, the SC model offers full engine electronics integration and provide multiple pitch control in the cooling mode. Also, it can be retrofitted with an adaptor flange along with other individual solutions.

                      VP- Variable Pitch

                        Along with a reverse function for cleaning and cooling, the VP fan series provides multiple blade angle adjustments according to the cooling requirement. Here, the thermal actuators filled with wax make the controls fully reliable and ensure the highest safety level. Moreover, it leads to less power consumption where you can save up to 60%.

                        SF- Seasonal Reversing Fan

                          This fan provides an easy and effective way to change the airflow direction for the summer and winter seasons. In addition, it doesn’t require manual work to turn each blade and adjust the fan from a pusher to a puller fan. Herewith Cleanfix SF, you just need to turn two opposite fan blades to make the work done.

                          FT/HT- Pulstronic/Hytronic

                            ing the Cleanfix Pulstronic/Hydronic system, up to 80% of fan power consumption can be saved since it automatically adjusts its blades. This system can vary the blade of the fan and adjust the performance as per the cooling requirement as an integrated sensor continuously monitors the blade.

                            Cleanfix represents innovation in its purest form. These excellent fan with automatic reversible fan blades is designed to provide unparalleled cleaning and cooling solutions as well as offer a kind of standard and customised control solution that can meet any specific needs.

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