Accessories Designed for Efficiency

At Advantec we appreciate how small improvements in design can vastly effect efficiency and comfort when it comes to grain handling and transportation. With this in mind we offer a small range of handpicked products that are aimed at making your job easier.

Our range includes our adjustable auger hog, both rotary and flexible harrows and the Swift Hitch and Airsafe Hitch to make your transportation smoother and safer giving you more peace of mind.

Advantec storage systems are made from strong and durable materials ensuring your crop is contained in a structure that is both sturdy and safe, and are suitable for storing your wheat, barley, cano All of these products are made from high quality, durable materials designed to withstand the elements, with a variety of features designed and used by experts in the industry.

Auger Hog

The Auger Hog is adjustable and is compatible with 8” to 12” augers. It easily adjusts from 35cm to 80cm and is designed to fit under hopper bins and grain trucks.


AirSafe Hitch

Towing a trailer can be dangerous, especially when dealing with heavy loads. The AirSafe Hitch is designed to stabilise trailers, transferring only 10% of trailer inertia to the towing vehicle (as opposed to 100% when using a hard connection)


Harrows Flexible

We offer Flexible Harrows in three different configurations so you are able to select the right fit for the job at hand, with a range of important uses including surface smoothing, soil preparation and turf maintenance Delta Flexible Harrows is one of the best one-pass tools on the market.


Harrows Rotary

Versatile and efficient, Advantec Rotary Harrows can be used for multiple jobs around the farm. Built of sturdy materials designed to go the distance, this rotary harrow can attach to any 3 point hitch system to help break up soil, maintain fence lines, manage weeds and much, much more.