AGI GrainVAC 3700D (High Capacity Diesel Model)

Get to the finish line first!

NEW High Capacity GrainVAC 3700 Makes Loading Grain Fast and Easy!

The same impressive features of the 3700 Plus.

Cummins Diesel Motor


  • 4.3 Tonne Capacity
  • Independent
  • Led Lighting
  • Electric Brakes
  • Digital
  • Lighting Kit
Advantec was established in 1998


  • Mechanical
  • Digital
  • Digital Plus Satellite Tracking
  • Digital Plus Satellite Tracking (Truck Mounted)
Advantec was established in 1998
Due to continuing research and development on design and manufacturing procedures, technical data and specifications are subject to change without notice.

We’ve been in business for 20 years moving a million bushels per year. We’ve owned AGI GrainVAC machines for the past 15 years. The AGI GrainVAC has more suction, faster performance, and less damage on material leaving a dust free environment in the bin for the operator. AGI’s new floor sweep option is well worth the money. It’s so much easier for a one-man operation; no broom, no shovel is needed. With the AGI most maintenance and repairs are quick and easy. We’ve been very satisfied with the AGI GrainVAC.

Bob Casey, LuVerne, IA; Jerome Kohlhaaf LuVerne, IA