AGI GrainVAC 3700 (High Capacity Model)

Get to the finish line first!


High Capacity

Testing shows that results may vary based on conditions.

  • Up to 10,000 bushels per hour (approx 273 tonnes per hour) during full bin load out
  • 4,000 – 5,000 bushels/hour (approx 109 - 136 tonnes per hour) with 50 feet of hose at full bin load-out
  • 5,500 bu/hr (approx 150 tones per hour) with 35 feet of hose attached directly to an 8 inch bin sump at full-bin load-out

Low Noise

  • Specially engineered airflow technology dramatically reduces the noise volume and pitch

Automatic Air Throttle

  • Minimizes tractor lug-down and increases tractor efficiency.
  • The airflow virtually stops when the hose is removed from the grain
  • The suction automatically resumes when hose is placed in the grain


  • Unfolds right next to the bin
  • 16’ auger clearance large trucks and grain carts.

Hi Flow directional or removable dust exhaust

  • Swivel action allows you to adjust the exhaust direction
  • Compact hose storage
  • 55’ (16.8 m) of hose and attachments are standard equipment

Seed Quality: Independent tests by grain elevators indicate that the AGI GrainVAC causes less damage to valuable seed than conventional vacuum systems where high speed airlocks are used. The unique drum and exhaust design separates dust and foreign matter from the grain, thereby improving the quality of the material that you deliver.

Tachometer and hour meter to ensure the PTO is running at the recommended speed and to monitor the operational hours of the GrainVAC.

Rubber Torsion axles for high speed towing

Warranty: AGI Enterprises Inc. will guarantee each new 3700 GrainVAC to be free from factory defects in material and workmanship for one year from the date of delivery by the dealer to the original purchaser. The first year AGI Enterprises Inc. will cover parts and labour incurred with the part replacement. Certain exclusions may apply. Details are included in the operator’s manual.

Parts and Service: AGI is very proud of its dealers and representatives throughout North America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. We stock replacement parts in Canada, the United States, Australia and France to provide fast service and our factory team is standing by to support all AGI products.

Health and Safety: The AGI GrainVAC ensures a dust free environment in the bin and eliminates dangerous open augers. The design provides safe access for servicing and part replacement. All aspects of GrainVAC operation have been tested, inspected and safety approved.

Proven Design means Low Maintenance: The AGI GrainVAC system was patented in the USA in 1989. Minimal wear on parts has always been our strength. Settling chamber extends rotor life by keeping some heavy debris out of the air stream. Less moving parts than other grain vacs. High speed bearings. Less down time: replacement parts available with easy access for replacement. The simple, no-nonsense design of this machine naturally lends itself to low maintenance requirements. This machine features an efficient drive system and a tough powder coat finish.

Standard Convenience Features: Heavy duty gearbox for trouble-free use, with a gearbox guard that is hinged – no wrenches required to access the shear sprocket drive assembly. New style high flow exhaust allows for greater airflow thereby improving performance. Lower auger clean out door is easy to access with the handle, keich makes it user friendly. The inspection window and air throttle improve the control the operator has for various applications.


Transport Position

  • NEW! Narrow Width - 92” (7.6’) (2.34 m)
  • Height - 98” (2.49 m)
  • Weight - 4300 lbs. (1955 kg)
  • Hitch Weight - 480 lbs. (218 kg

During Operations Capacity:

  • Auger Extension angle - 45 degrees
  • Auger Discharge height - 16’ (4.87 m)
  • PTO - 1000 RPM
  • Hydraulic requirements - 2100 psi, @ 2GPM flow rate
  • Horsepower requirement - 140-180 HP at 1000 PTO rpm to operate at maximum capaciy

Standard Features:

  • 1 - Galvanized Steel Flexible Hose 8” x 3’ (20 cm x .9 m)
  • 2 - Galvanized Steel Flexible Hoses 8” x 8’ (20 cm x 2.4 m)
  • 2 - Aluminium Pipes 8” x 8’ (20 cm x 2.4 m)
  • 1 - Aluminium Pipe 8” x 5’ (20 cm x 1.5 m)
  • 1 - Flexible Rubber Clean-up Hose 8” x 6.8’ (20 cm x 2.1 m)
  • 1- 7” Floor Sweep 7” (18 cm)
  • 1 – Reducer 8” – 7” (20 cm – 18 cm)
  • 3’ telescoping tube floor sweep 8” x 3’ (20 cm x.9 m)
  • Acrylic Viewing Portal 5” (13 cm)
  • Tires – ST 235/80R16
  • 1000 PTO Shaft
  • Hour Meter and Tachometer
  • NEW! Easy Access Lower Auger Clean Out Door
  • NEW! Exhaust System
  • Poly Wear liners in high-stress areas
  • Torflex axles – smoother riding and faster towing speeds
  • Inlet height 38” from ground while positioned at the bin.
  • Heavy duty gearbox and drive-line components.
  • Gearbox guard and shear sprocket guard now hinged and removable, no wrenches required.
Due to continuing research and development on design and manufacturing procedures, technical data and specifications are subject to change without notice.

We’ve been in business for 20 years moving a million bushels per year. We’ve owned AGI GrainVAC machines for the past 15. The AGI GrainVAC has more suction, faster performance, and less damage on material leaving a dust free environment in the bin for the operator. AGI’s new floor sweep option is well worth the money. It’s so much easier for a one-man operation; no broom, no shovel is needed. With the AGI most maintenance and repairs are quick and easy. We’ve been very satisfied with the AGI GrainVAC.

Bob Casey, LuVerne, IA; Jerome Kohlhaaf LuVerne, IA