SAM Permanent Raised Bed Management System

Increase Yield - Reduce Chemical Usage - Improve Soil Structure - Reduce Labour

Sustainable Agricultural Machinery Developments Pty Ltd (SAM), has spent several years researching and developing the Permanent Raised Bed Management System (PRBM) and was awarded the prestigious Land Newspaper "Australian Invention of the Year" award in 1990.

SAM manufacture high quality farm machinery for use in both horticultural and broadacre Raised Bed farming which increases yield while improving soil structure. SAM's PRBM System is a true form of organic farming.

The four-phase PRBM system is the key to achieving sustainable and permanent Raised Bed farming by incorporating the fundamental principles of "Controlled Traffic Farming" into the farming cycle. This leads to: Optimum soil structure, minimal bed compaction, optimal control of bed moisture, optimised water dispersal, optimal run off and water harvesting control, minimised erosion and therefore greater sustainability.

The PRBM concept was designed to help farmers use raised beds to become more sustainable by not working their soils to a destroyed state, and to be able to re-use their raised beds time after time after time. There should be no reason to ever demolish the original beds.

Through this method of farming, soil structure improves dramatically, the residues from the previous crop remaining on the beds to rot down to compost, becoming organic matter. Organic matter makes the soil more friable, encourages earth worms, holds valuable soil moisture and makes the soil less fragile to water and wind erosion.

Made up of two designs (Horticultural & Broadacre), this totally flexible and adaptable system has been designed to adapt to almost any crop, soil type, scale of development and agronomic method of farming.

Phase 1

Prepare the field by ripping and / or ploughing, at cultivate and till the soil in readiness for bed forming and lay out the beds to optimise water run off and harvesting potential using the SAM Lister bar.

Phase 2

Create the beds using the SAM Bedformer.

The bed forming and compaction mechanisms produce optimum seedbed structure and density, controlled bed top and side compaction creating an ideal environment for maximum germination, faster plant growth and a more uniform crop with minimised bed erosion. This however, is just the start of the benefit of this system.

Phase 3

Mechanise Planting, Weeding, Harvesting and all other crop management processes using the SAM Bedlocker.

The Bedlocker is the third phase of the PRBM system. It floats behind the tractor locking the front toolbar skis onto the bed sides ensuring exact positioning of any implement or tool fitted to the Bedlocker guaranteeing extreme accuracy of operation. The trailing skis ensure longitudinal alignment of all operations and also re-compact the bed sides.

The Bedlocker is the carrying mechanism for all seeders, sprayers, transplanters, fertiliser rigs and harvesters. The extreme accuracy of the system means that crops such as lettuce that conventionally have been propagated from seed in a greenhouse and then transplanted into the beds are now direct seeded into the beds and achieves a germination rate better than traditional methods.

Weed control is commonly a labour and/or chemical intensive and expensive activity. The SAM Power Weeder eliminates the majority of these costs and concerns.

This means that crops that have either been precision sown or precision transplanted can now be mechanically weeded within 30mm of the plants with the added benefit that the weeder also lightly cultivates the soil. This method mimics hand chipping and gives excellent trash clearance. All phases of the PRBM system is suitable for 95% of all soil types.

Phase 4

Renovate the beds ready for the next planting by using the SAM Bed Renovator.

After harvest, the SAM bed renovator restores your perfectly formed permanent beds ready for the next crop cycle. In one pass it reproduces the perfect seedbed; burying rocks, trash and organic matter as well as breaking up clods.

The machine combines a patented “non-panning” blade design with a reverse tilling action, soil separation grate and bed levelling blade to produce a perfect tilth.

Single Bed Former

Single Bed Former

Bed Locker

Bed Locker

Power Weeder

Power Weeder

Bed Renovator

Bed Renovator

Optional Extras

  • Combine Conversions
  • Deep Rippers and other options.

Triple Bedformer

The Triple Bedformer can rip, form and compact 10.9 acres per hour into uniform, level, full-width beds. Also maybe used in horticultural applications

Lister Bar

A highly adjustable furrow lister, designed to prepare the soil ready for bedforming. Listers may also come with three large bins mounted with coil tynes for fertiliser or Urea applications and more.

Lister Bar