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Mobile Dust Collector

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The Mobile Dust Collector is a fully patented product that was developed and built in Australia for the harshest working conditions. Extensive testing and development within large grain handling operations has forced the evolution of a dust collecting concept into bullet-proof system that allows the operator to move even the dirtiest grain for a full day without worrying about the inconvenience of stop/start handling.


  • Easily coupled/uncoupled to either the 2700 or 3700 REM GrainVAC's
  • 950kg SWL dust capacity for large volume operations
  • Fully Patented pressure relief valve fitted for safe operation
  • Our unique bag material ensures a steady flow-rate and sure-fire dust capture system that doesn't restrict the capacity of the GrainVAC attached
  • Easily emptied using the remote controlled tipper pack through the top-hinged rear door
  • Comes with a removable weather proofed travel cover
  • Trailer is fully registerable Australia wide

Dust Trailer

Dust Trailer with Grain VAC

Dust Trailer with Grain VAC at Work

Dust Trailer, Dust Collector with Grain VAC Dust Collector View Dust Trailer, Dust Collector Tilt