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The Kwik Kleen Grain Cleaner

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Model 572

  • Cleans up to 70 tonne/hr
  • Weight of machine 430kg (approx)
  • Length 2.7m
  • Width 1.45m
Kwik Kleen.jpg

Model 772

  • Cleans up to 100 tonne/hr
  • Weight of machine 520kg (approx)
  • Length 2.7m
  • Width 1.8m
Kwik Kleen cut out image.png

  • Fast, effective and inexpensive way of maximising returns.
  • Can be used for cleaning and sizing certain grains. Eg: Wheat, Barley, Chick Peas, etc.
  • Is portable and compact, but large enough to keep up with most farming operations
  • Majority of cleaning done by sides and tops of tubes
  • Electric or hydraulic drive option
  • Variable speed control and grain-feed adjustment
  • Removable transport hitch
  • Collapsible screenings auger for transport and storage
  • Spring loaded hopper