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Meridian Conventional Augers

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The Meridian Heavy Duty auger models are built to be efficient and versatile, accommodating any job. The frame design allows for better weight distribution, which makes it easier to move the auger and provides stability when the auger is operating in the raised position.

Heavy Duty Field Auger models are designed and built for moving high capacities - up to 270T per hour on our largest models.

Meridian Augers are backed by a 2 year parts and labour warranty.

  • Fully guarded for maximum safety and Kill switch standard
  • Third wheel hydraulic drive and lift option available
  • Heavy Duty continuous flyte for smooth, quiet operation
  • Reverse gear box standard
  • Self levelling motor mounting system
Conventional Auger, Grain Auger, Grain Elevator, Auger Drill
Conventional Augers, Grain Auger WheelConventional Augers, Grain Elevator Hydraulic Conventional Augers, Auger Gear