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Delta Rotary Harrow

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The DeltaTM Rotary Harrow is a multi-purpose tool that can be used for several jobs around the farm, business or arena. Equipped with heavy-duty 5/8" replaceable tynes, this ground driven harrow leaves a smooth level surface in a one pass operation.

Attaching to any 3-point hitch system, the Delta Rotary Harrow breaks up tough soil, eliminates puddles, pulls dirt back from along fence lines and is effective in nursery weed control and landscape work.

Rotary Harrow

The Delta Rotary Harrow:

  • Cultivates and harrows in one pass
  • Eliminates ridges
  • Quickly levels arena surfaces during equine or rodeo events
  • Nursery weed control around trees and shelterbelts
  • Weed control and landscaping
  • Rotating action pulls dirt back from along fences


  • 3 Point Hitch
  • 5/8" Replaceable Tynes (no welding required)
  • Ground driven design (no PTO required)
  • Available in 5, 6, 7 and 8’ widths.

Optional Extra

  • Hydraulic Motor

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Phillip Island Racing Circuit Gravel Traps

comma-start.png Thank you for your excellent product and the support received with REM Delta Rotary Harrow and hydraulic drive.We are currently using the attachment for the installation and blending of rubber equestrian surfaces, and have found its performance to be everything you have claimed, and more. It is giving our customers a smooth and well blended surface, everything which the high end equestrian market demands. This product allows us to accurately quote and schedule jobs, as we know it will perform with the minimum of set up time and quality of outcome. Once again thank you for your support which is helping our business prosper. B Garton. Renaza Resources comma-end.png